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Annual Meeting 2003

The meeting was held at El Camino Hospital on January 18, 2003.

Attendees included Bob Underwood AA6BT, trustee of the SVECS repeater; Tom Smith KD6SOJ, Los Altos EC; Howard Krawertz N6HM, assistant treasurer; Phil Henderson KF6ZSQ, Mountain View; Dave Platt AE6EO, AEC Mountain View and trustee of K6MTV; Bob Mammerella KB6FEC, repeater maintenance; Jim Thornton KE6SZJ, SPECS president; Steve Whitt AD6XV, revived the SPECS  user group and was first president of the new group; Scott Hensley KB6UUO, Northern Amateur Relay Counsel of California (the group that manages the spectrum), Glenn (?) AEC Sunnyvale, Jerry Haag K6GAC, EC Mountain View; Peter Griffith WA6VAQ, President of SPECSRA; Donna Philpott WA6SCU, treasurer; Richard Hyde KC6QBO, AEC Palo Alto, who helped us get a remote site in the Palo Alto hills.

Click on the pictures below to see the identities of the persons in the picture.  We don't have complete names and roles for everyone featured in the pictures below.  If you can help identify others or have corrections, please contact us.

Photos by Peter Griffith

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