Monday Night Net

June takes check-ins on the Monday Night Net.

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SPECS conducts  a weekly directed net on Monday nights. The net has operated continually for over 60 years. The purpose of the net is to train and maintain a crew of Amateur Radio Operators who are ready to furnish communication services in a time of need. This is done by providing announcements pertaining to amateur radio and emergency preparedness, and providing a common meeting place prior to local nets. This, in conjunction with local nets, gives us all the opportunity to test our equipment and make sure it is ready when needed.


Visitors are always welcome to check into the net when called by the Net Control Operator. See the net scripts links below.

SPECS conducts  two nets on Monday nights.  The "Main SPECS Net" begins at 20:00 (8:00 PM) using the W6ASH repeater at 145.270 using 100 Hz tone. The main net operator calls on local cities during the net who take check-ins from their city and report the total to the main net operator.  The 220/440 net (also known as the UHF net) operates from 19:30 hours (7:30 PM) to just shortly before 20:00 hours (8:00 PM). The UHF Net Control operator may close the net early so he/she can change over to the main SPECS Net at 8:00 PM. The 220 and 440 repeaters are linked during the nets.

Main Net:

You can sign up with your city for main Net Control Operator when it is your city's turn to perform this function.  It's a directed net and is scripted, so it's easy and fun (if you know your phonetics!)  It's a good way to train for the "real thing."

Net Control Script - pdf version (update 01/27/2020)

Net Control Script - doc version (update 01/27/2020)

SPECS Repeaters W6ASH

145.270 -                  100 PL

224.140 -                  88.5 PL

440.800 +                 100 PL

City Nets:

You can sign up with your city for local Net Control Operator. It's a directed net and is scripted, so it's easy and fun (if you know your phonetics!)  It's a good way to train for the "real thing."

City Net Frequencies

City Websites

UHF net:

The UHF 220/440 net log is maintained by Patrick Muffler, KG6TMI / Palo Alto. Cities take turns on a monthly basis providing a Net Control Operator.  When it is your city's turn you can sign up with your city. Download the UHF net script (pdf) and UHF frequent callers list (pdf) for use over the air.  Also download the UHF Report (excel) and follow the instructions below for submitting the report.

UHF net script (doc) (update 07/11/19)

UHF net script (pdf) (update 07/11/19)

UHF frequent callers (pdf) - (update 04/01/2021)

UHF report (Excel) -  (update 04/01/2021) After the net, please put a number 1 in the empty column next to the name of each station that called in.  Then e-mail the report to the Net Monitors at the addresses shown on the link below, along with the call signs and names of any new callers.

Net Monitors: KG6TMI and KK6EKN


View the historical check-in totals

Weekly Packet Practice instructions (formerly called "check-ins")

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