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SPECS started out as a net in the 1950's on two meters AM. Walt Reed (W6ASH) started the net, and in the early 70’s he decided to add a repeater at his house in Los Altos. Later the repeater was moved to the site at El Camino Hospital and was the first antenna at the hospital. The SPECS RA was subsequently formed as the legal entity that owns the repeater. The user group was formed later.  Learn more.

2023 Board.jpg

The board meets several times throughout the year as needed.  Members are welcome to attend. Elections are held at the annual members meeting in January. Click here to see more about current board members.

SPECS brochure

Click the image to download the brochure (pdf, update 06-03-19).  You can print copies to give to fellow hams who would like to know more about SPECS.

 Annual Meetings 

Annual Meetings are held in January and the annual newsletter comes out in December of the previous year.  Click below to see what happened at past annual meetings and see the annual newsletter.

2023 Annual Meeting, January 14, 2023

2022 Annual Meeting, January 8, 2022

2021 Annual Meeting, January 9, 2021

2020 Annual Meeting, January 11, 2020

2019 Annual Meeting, January 12, 2019

2018 Annual Meeting, January 20, 2018

2017 Annual Meeting, January 28, 2017

2016 Annual Meeting, January 30, 2016

Legal Documents

Articles of incorporation (Restated Jan. 14, 2023)

Bylaws  (Accepted Jan. 14, 2023)


Audit Committee Report, March 6, 2018

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