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Annual Meeting 2024

The meeting was held at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View on Saturday,  January 13, 9:00 am. (social hour started at 8:30 am).  Our featured speaker was Bob Iannucci, W6EI.  His topic was AREDN – the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network.  (see below for his bio and abstract)

Slides from Bob's talk (pdf)

Recording of Bob's talk (YouTube)

Meeting Minutes (draft)

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President Grant Elliot conducts the meeting.


We smile for the camera.


Dave Platt, AE6EO, remembers Silent Key members


Speaker Bob Iannucci, demonstrates an AREDN antenna.


AREDN — the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network ( — is a collection of ham stations that exist to provide broadband, TCP/IP-based data communication services for the amateur radio community.  The network operates in WiFi bands and takes advantage of channels and power levels not available to the general public.  With bandwidths of several hundreds of megabits per second on the AREDN backbone, the capacity for handling emergency traffic (email, chat, video, voice, web) is substantial.  AREDN is mesh-based.  When combined with redundant power sources, network installations can be quite robust.


In this talk, Bob will discuss his experiences installing AREDN nodes in and around Palo Alto, in partnership with the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services and the Bay Area Mesh.  He will cover the equipment and software needed for any ham to quickly and inexpensively get onto AREDN as well as more advanced topics such as network design and the implementation of advanced computing services that operate over the AREDN network.



Bob Iannucci, W6EI, was licensed in 2000.  Professionally, Bob is a computer architect and wireless systems researcher.  Both professionally and personally, Bob has been involved in emergency data network designs and their real-world applications.  Among his stash of emergency network gear are an ambulance that he converted into a standalone amateur radio LTE network and a collection of drones that can provide data relay services.  

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