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Meeting January 14, 2023

Election Slates for 2023.  Click a name to see a photo and brief biography.

Nominees under current Bylaws

President:   OPEN

1st Vice President:  OPEN

2nd Vice PresidentStiv Ostenberg, K9STV

TreasurerJim Weatherford, WU6K

Secretary:  Leslie Grimm, KK6EKN

Training Officer:  OPEN

Past PresidentGrant Elliot, KK6FMQ

Directors at Large for...

   Los Altos:  OPEN

   Los Altos HillsNeil Katin, K2LL

   SunnyvaleJerry Thalls, KG6HHI

   StanfordLea Roberts, WA6ITV

Nominees under new Bylaws

President:   Grant Elliot, KK6FMQ

TreasurerJim Weatherford, WU6K

SecretaryLeslie Grimm, KK6EKN


   Stiv Ostenberg, K9STV, Mountain View

   Neil Katin, K2LL, Los Altos Hills

   Jerry Thalls, KG6HI, Sunnyvale

   Lea Roberts, WA6ITV, Stanford

Proposed changes to Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

The functioning of SPECS-UG has been and is changing. In order to meet these changes now and in the future, the Board has revised both the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws to meet the needs of SPECS and to incorporate all aspects of the laws pertaining to a 501c (3) charitable corporation as set out in the California Corporations Code.


The board used templates prepared by the Public Council Law Center, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. These are available on the internet. They have been modified appropriately to meet our needs, while keeping the essence of SPECS intact. The Major changes are to the structure, functioning and composition of the Board.  You may download them here:

Restatement of Articles of Incorporation (pdf) and Proposed Revision of Bylaws (pdf)

• Since there probably will be no more Electronic Flea Markets and since SPECS no longer needs to handle high level training in emergency communications (because SCCo EOC now provides these classes) there will be only three Officers as required by California Corporate Law: President, Secretary and Treasurer, with the Board having the authority to establish additional officers as needed, all of whom will be members of the Board of Directors.

 •  All members of the Board of Directors must be Members of SPECS-UG and they must live, work or study in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, or at Stanford University.


•  Since it continues to be difficult to get volunteers to serve on the Board, there will be no limit on the number of terms served by Officers and Directors.


•  There will be no Director-at-large position.


•  There will be no Immediate Past President position.


•  The Board may remove any Officer or Director without cause.


•  Officers and Directors can resign at any time.


These Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are for your review. Send any questions or concerns to the Board. There will be a vote to accept them or not at the Annual Meeting, Jan. 14, 2023. The Board urges you to accept them.

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